Why is India an Ideal Volunteering Destination?
India is a land with a rich heritage and varied culture that leaves visitors interested and wanting more. It has steady economic growth and industrialization.Read more about volunteering at Volunteering in India  .  In the past few decades, this country has gone through a lot of changes some good and some bad. India experiences a lot of challenges like extreme poverty, malnutrition, subjugation of women, high unemployment rates and lack of proper education due to uneven development. The country has become a major volunteering hotspot, and this is not without good reasons. India has the right environment and resources to attract volunteers who can help in building the nation.

There are different reasons why you can consider volunteering in India. The ever-increasing population has led to a situation where almost 17.6% of the total world population lives in India. Out of this population, 20.7% of the World's poorest folks live here. The poor people suffer from lack of access to basic facilities like shelter, safe drinking water and they also suffer from malnutrition.Read more about volunteering at   . Even though the Indian Government has put some measures in place to reach out to the poor, there is still a lot to do, and contributions from various people can help in improving the conditions of the poor and underprivileged in this nation.

Aside from the need to curb poverty, there is also another major reason why one can pick India as a volunteering destination. As mentioned before, India has a rich heritage and varied culture. The people here are very welcoming and friendly since they have their culture and tradition instilled in them.

Volunteers who choose to live with their host families or houses for volunteers during their volunteering period get to learn the local culture and get a real Indian travel experience.

Professionals on leave, gap year students, university students and homemakers can choose to volunteer in India. 18 years is the minimum age requirement if you want to take up a volunteering position offered by an international volunteer organization. India is a friendly nation that hosts volunteers from various countries like the UK, the US, Canada Spain and other nations. Most of the non-resident Indians are also actively involved in the volunteering projects in this nation. There has also been a recent revamp of visa policies by the Indian Government for non-resident Indians hence traveling for longer periods in India has become much easier. Those who love India and its culture can also take up volunteering opportunities as it offers a unique way to learn a foreign culture.

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